Creating Harmony & Transformation

A Heart Centered Psycho-spiritual Approach


  • Psycho-spiritual Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Creative Spirit Coaching
  • Ecotherapy

An invitation to experience a shift to Healing & Transformation

  • A safe place to look inside, heal and transform old patterns from the past, and step into an empowered and loving life full of meaning and purpose
  • Art therapy experiences that access right brain processing to promote emotional regulation and wholeness, and move into authentic self knowledge and expression
  • Mind-body stress reduction, and breathwork tools and techniques that support letting go of fear based programming like anxiety, depression and addiction
  • Relationship repair and healing, listening and communication skills, and developing empathy for yourself and significant others
  • Inner child work to heal inherited guilt and shame and rewrite the story of your life
  • Heart centered guidance to promote balance, harmony and equilibrium and to restore health and wholeness to the individual, family or community

In therapy you can develop trust in your intuitive abilities to guide you on your path and learn to make necessary course corrections as you grow. There are no mistakes… only adjustments and course corrections.

Creative Spirit Coaching

Did you know that you are the predominant creative force in your life?

4A77F768-CE6A-4315-9ED2-6C207B480D94_1_201_aThis service is a non-clinical option to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth and get you back on the path of You. You bring in issues just like in regular therapy, but we use the creative process plus attending and attuning to information from the body to make shifts in perception and meaning so that old limiting beliefs, habits and patterns fall away leaving a truer, more compassionate view of self and others. In Creative Spirit Coaching your intuitive abilities are strengthened as you learn to ask questions of your higher self and get life changing answers to current and long standing problems that bring balance and harmony back into yourself and your family.


Ecotherapy, an outdoor fullsizeoutput_20aoption for your therapy session, stems from the idea that people are part of the web of life, and that our psyches are not separate from our natural environment. It provides individuals with an opportunity to explore their relationship with nature and find metaphors and direct experiences that can restore well being. Studies have shown that people who engaged in the natural environment experienced improved mental health because while we are shaped by the modern social world, our psyches have evolved and adapted to the natural environment. During an ecotherapy session, I will artfully guide you to experience a connection with the living energies of the natural world resulting in a deep and sacred sense of connection with your own spirit/soul/self.


Amy Sullivan, MFT, and the Healing Arts Studio are also available for facilitating and providing life enhancing programs, retreats and workshops that highlight the power of creative expression and art making as therapy.